Money Resources

Here are the tools I used to get my Money Right!

Money Management

HYSA (High Yielding Savings Account)

Stop keeping your savings in a regular checking or savings account. Open a HYSA instead. They earn 50x more interest than a traditional savings account. This is where I keep my Reserve Money, Fun Coupons, Tax money, Vacation and Asset buying power accounts. 

4 Banks You Want to Build Relationships With

I like to call these the "Big 4"...

American Express, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America

Having one of 2 is fine just make sure to avoid paying monthly fees if you don't meet minimum requirements from these banks. That $10-$15 adds up over the years. 


Credit Cards

American Express Platinum

My daily driver is the AMEX Delta Platinum Card! Everything for business on this card. It's in my personal name but it is solely used for business expenses. Great rewards! First class upgrades, Global Entry Membership, and much more.

American Express Gold Business

This one was my first business card in my LLC's name! I worked on my credit for 5 years and tried 3 of those years to get these cards. Finally I was able to join the Amex Club!



Online Brokerage

When building my online portfolio, I use Robinhood and Schwab. Robinhood is more for simple buy and holds and Schwab for some more advanced swaps and other trades.


I got turned onto this company 6 years ago and have had great success with it. I personally add between $25-$250 a week. I started small then automated the bigger amount and I don't even notice it coming out. The key is automating it! This app also was were I learned my risk tolerance.

Business Structure

Creating an LLC and Holdings Company

Prime Corporate Services is who makes all of my LLC's. Great company to work with. 

Prime Corporate Services